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Friday, 14 April 2017

How To Repair A Corrupted USB Flash Drive OR SD Card


Hi Friends.........?
Aj main ap Logoon ko sekhoon ga ke ap
Apni Kharab Memory Card Aur USB Theak Kaisey kar sakty..
Ye Steps Follow Karo.
Step1⇨Computer Se "Start" Ko Kholo..

Step2⇨ Phir "cmd" Lekheen.enter karen
Step3⇨ as ke Baad ik black screen ahjyegi
us main ye lekhen


Lekhne ke Bad Enter karen As ke bad

ek new Tab aye ga as ko yes karna ha ik or new black screen ahjye gi

Step4⇨ab lekhen(List  disk)   Enter karen

 Step 5 (Select  disk 1) enter karen

Step 6 Ab (clean) lekhen or enter kare
Step 7 Ab(create Partition primary)   Lekheen enter kare
Step 8 Ab (active) Lekheen enter karen
Step 9 Ab (select partition 1) Lekheen enter kare
Step 10 Ab (Format FS FAT 32) lekhen enter karen
Step 11 Ab (Exit) lekhen or enter karen
Step 12 ⇨ Ab Memory Card Ya USB Format Hona Shoro Ho Jayega.
Aur Theak Ho Jayegi


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