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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Facebook Paar Kesie Bhii Name Sy Account Kaisey Banayen,


Aj Ka Trick Bahut Amazing Hai.Is Trick Ki Madad Sey Ap Koi Bhi Name Accept Karwa Sakty Han.Chahee Woo Simple Name Ho.Ya Stylish Ho.Ya Color Wala Ho.Har Qisaam Name Wala Account Baneegaa.Jo Ap ka Dil Chahee Bana len.
Sub Se Pehle Aap Fly Vpn Install Kare.Aur Usko Indonesia Country Se Connect Kare.

Stomach muscle Uc Browser Me Facebook Open Kare.Aur Uska Language Bhi Change Kare.Language Me

Bahasa Indonesia Select Kare.

Aur Phir Signup Par Click Kare.


Stomach muscle Yaha Apke Pass Single Name Ke Leye Box Ayega.Aap Is Me Neeche Wala Code Past Kare.


ゖゖ Your Name@() ゖ ✔
 Code Ma Your Name Ki Jaga Ap Apney Marzii Sey Koi Bhi Text's Ya Number Ya Symbol Likheen.

Aur Phair Neechey Box Mae Email Ki Jaga Phone Number Likheen.

Aur Apna Details Likh Kar Signup Par Click Kareeen.

Apka Account Ban Jayeegaa.


Ap Is Method Sey Har Qisam Account Bana Saktey Ho.

1.- Invisible Name Bana Sakte Ho.

2- Single Name Bana Sakte Ho.

3- Capital Name Bana Sakte Ho.

4- Number Wala Bana Sakte Ho.

5- Single Word Bana Sakte Ho.

6- Color Name Bana Sakte Ho.

7- Cartoon Name Bana Sakte Ho.

8- Song Name Bana Sakte Ho.

9- Jungli Name Bana Sakte Ho.

Yanii Har Qisam Name Accept Hoga Is Method Sey.Bus Account Number Par Banana Hoga.Aur Indonesia Proxy Lagana Hoga.

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