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Sunday, 1 January 2017

stylish name famous dialog

yh sb name acceptable h try it    1.

Ph�ol-Ho?'GhuL�b KaCha?eli-?at'Samjh?a AasHiq-Ho?'te?a SaheliKa'?at-S�mjh?a


Bl�ck'KarDe-Mujhk� War?aPyar-H� Ja�ega-Tujhk�

????-???'?????- ?? ????-???-?????' ?? ?

28: Bl�ck'KarDe-Muj hk� War?aPyar-H� Ja�ega-Tujhk�

29: ??????? ??????

30: M?ii'DikhtaHu?- Sweet Innocent'Swamii -TypeKa Leki?'Hu-Bara Har?mii'Type-Ka

31: Int�rn�ti�n�l Sm�k�r ���

32: t?e �e?t ed?t?p

33: Alo?? Ii? Milio?s

34: Pr���e Of-Y��r He�rt

35: ?????? ????? ?????? ????i

36: ???????? ??????

37: ???????? ????????

38: ????? ???

39: Yo?r-?ttitud? Is- ?ust'of My-foot

40: Li??-the'U?be?t ?ble Fiight??-??'Fii re

41: Fl�rty Kii?g-Ret?rns J?st-T� L�ve'Y�u-aga�n

42:Jo-kehte'he ?e- bap'hu? ?e-usk'bap ka- bhibaphu?

43: �???t? Q????

45: ??c??oo? ?i St???s? ??d?i

46:K�m���a Ft J��gra

47:Ch�??ing P?i?ce

48:I?t????sti?? ?l �?w??? Lo?d? Ft- �r����

49:Mai?'Te?i-Gi rlf?ie?d Ka- Yaa?'Te?i Gi?lfrie?d'Mera -Pyar ?'?uaghty-? 50:Ter?'gf ?�r?-f�n Le-j� ?f'uc�n

51:Cra�k Pathan

52:Ka?i?a SK

53:B�t�-Iss�y'K �ht� H?i-H�p H�p- H�p'h�p

54:Miithe'ya?-G ?ll? Ka?e Kudii'Na?kee? Ft- Anih? (G) metthia galla kera kure namkin

55:F?s?io??b?e St??w??rry Ft-A?s??

56:F?deb??z M?d F?moux Chokr?

57:Evil-Sm�k�r TH�'B�d- Dr�nk�r FT- Em�T��n'LeSs

58:?eapt �pea?ep

59:��L��t K�ll�r

60:Naa?'h?ro-?a ? Kaa?'vi?le?- ka? Ft'smoker

61:Sad Girl Ft-v� Princ?ss

62:Girlfr?d To'bachyBhi- ba? Aty Hai?K�mi?a HuKami?i'hi- Fas au?Ga

63�ng���zz Ch�kr�

64:��t�xx Pr�n��zz

65:I�n�cent �aChi �n F�r�

66:T?B?hi Kh?n Nam?- to S??a'Hog?

67:Fiight??'? k? B?p Ft- C?????

68?nia-M?i'Si rfDo ChezHe- MashurH? i'Ek S?M??K-k?Style' D?sr? Uski-GrlfrendKi 'S?il?

69:V??p??? G??? R?t???

70:Is??q ???d?

71:M? H??te?

72:B?by Pas?nd-aye'to Dil-??'wa??a D??agh- ??bi'?i

73??gero?s Ha�k�?

74:?ak�ha?� B�gr� ?awa?zad�

75:Kisi-k Hath'Na �ygi Y�h-l�dkii

76:AwesOmelicio ux �hulb�l�� �h�kr�

77:Mai?'Tera-Bo yfrie?d Tu'Meri-Girlfri e?d 78:Jiig?a'Haii Tiige? Diimaag Se'Hype?

79:T?'Kiisi-A?r ki Haii'ToKya-Hu? M??a'Diil-To Ter?'Hai

80:Su??Ek-b??t' t�h B?ta- si?gl?M?re 'liye H?i-y?'tuj??K�i N??i- Mil?

81:j?rm'Ki-Du?i y? K? Bet??z B?�s???

82:T??? Dhya?'KIidha?- H aii ye'T???-H??o Iida?'HaIi

83:Th? ??co?o??c D??o? P??

84:Mai?'Te?i-Gi rlf?ie?d Ka- Yaa?'Te?i Gi?lfrie?d'Mera -Pyar ?'?uaghty-?

85:Ret?r?-F?om' H?ll J?st'To Lo?e Yo?'Agaii? 86:K�tt� Kam��� �h��z

87:So??y-g???s' mom Sa?d- do?t't??st O?- fab'g???s

88:��j K� ���a H�r�

89:M? P�rf�ct 90:Ve?iFied J???

91:????-???'??? ??-?? ????-???- ?????' ?? ????-??-????'?? ? ??- ????????

92:�uti?licious �h??mi?g

93:T��rF�ll E��Zz

94:Sh�nt� Bach�

95:�a�? F?ee?

96:Typho?iic'Fi ghte? with'Super-??tu ra?l Speed

97:�evil Ki�g

98:T?B?hi Kh?n Nam?- to S??a'Hog?

99:Ka?ee��'b�t �ut�

100:C�C� M��   just dyon ma yad rakhna ALLAH HAFIZ

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