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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Upload and Earn Using Sharecash with Video Urdu/Hindi

Earn Money through Sharecash.org is the best way to Make Money with Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites.

Sharecash.org Introduction:

Sharecash.org is the Pay Per Download (PPD) site where you can upload any type of file, Documents, Software, Games, E-Books, Cracker and whatever you want, and after this it gives you the special link related to your file. Now you can Earn through this link, now you have to share this link on your Blog (if you have), share it on Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Tumblr etc. And then anybody download the file using your link, you can earn your commission from 1$ to 20$. Thousands of people are Earning Money through Sharecash.org.


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How to Increase Earning on Sharecash:

There are much more tricks we are using to increase earning for sharecash. The best and the legal way is you have to increase the customers on your Blog (if you have), you have to do SEO on you Blog, very important thing is Sharecash.org accept mostly US, UK an Canada country traffic for you downloadable link of sharecash.

So you have to do something smart. I'm telling you if you want to Earn Money with Sharcash then you need to increase the Friend list on Facebook and the most friend should be from US, UK and Canada. Make a Page on Facebook on the topic of like Fashions, Software, Funny, Entertainment, and related to US, UK and Canada. If you have any group on Facebook then increase the member on your group. Another working and powerful trick for increasing friend list on social media sites is create an account by the name of any Girl and upload any Girl picture. After some time you will see your Friend list and likes are increasing very speedily. Now watch the Video Below (Sharecash Tutorial)

Video: Upload and Earn using Sharecash.org Tutorial Urdu/Hindi

Sharecash is the Pay Per Download Site where you can Earn Money By Uploading Files


Referral System:

Another way to increase Earning on Sharecash is the Referral System. By the Referral system you can invite to any other people. When you create an account on Sharecash.org, it gives you you the referral link through which you can invite your any Friend. You can get this link through the left side bar on "Referrals" tab. When any body join Sharecash.org through your link you will get 5% earning from those earning.

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